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"Calif successfully breached security to reach critical assets, providing us with invaluable insights to lock down our environment. I highly recommend Calif to any organization serious about identifying and fixing security flaws"

Jason Clinton

CISO, Anthropic

Cresta AI

"Calif simulated an attack by a determined sophisticated threat actor, testing our detection capabilities over weeks. The results are invaluable recommendations how to harden our infrastructure and applications even more"

Robert Kugler

Head of Security & Compliance, Cresta AI


"I can’t recommend Calif enough. Absolute super company, highly skilled, experienced and professional. Go read about Thai and his team."

Graham Calladine

Security Engineering Manager, Snap Inc.

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Red Teaming

Because sometimes the best defense is a good offense.


Security Engineering

{Safe, Fast, Easy} — We help you choose three.


Cryptography Consulting

We do math to help you use cryptography correctly.


Digital Forensics

Got breached? Call us to make sure it won't happen again.

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We're a diverse group of award-winning hackers and builders, with decades of experience hacking and defending some of the most important software products on Earth.


We don't just hack, we turn security into a competitive moat, by making your products safer, faster, easier.


We do our part in making the world a safer place for everyone, by defending non-profit organizations, hospitals, and the world's forces for good.

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