Our mission is to defend the world’s critical digital infrastructure.

Who We Serve


Developers or operators of critical software systems


Non-profit organizations, hospitals, and the world’s forces for good




Thai Duong /thaidn

  • Prolific security researcher, with work featured on the New York Times and the BBC

  • Ex-Google world-wide security and cryptography lead, helping defend Gmail, Android, YouTube, etc.

  • Contributor to Google Tink, Project Wycheproof, and SSL attack trilogy BEAST, CRIME, POODLE

  • Invited speaker at Harvard Kennedy School's Vietnam Executive Leadership Program

  • Speaker at Real World Crypto, Black Hat Europe, Ekoparty, IEEE S&P, USENIX Security

  • Notable awards and honors
    • Pwnie Award 2011 for Best Server-Side Bug

    • Feats of Engineering Google Award 2017, 2019

    • Top Ten Web Hacking Techniques Award 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013


An Trinh

  • Research-driven penetration tester

  • Multiple maximum bounties from PayPal, Netflix, Walmart

  • 100% success rate in past red teaming engagements

  • Speaker at Black Hat Europe, ZeroNights St. Petersburg, BSides Singapore



Michał Zalewski /lcamtuf

Michał is a long-time industry veteran, the author of groundbreaking security tools such as afl-fuzz, and a celebrated security researcher with several notable books under his belt. He is a former Google employee and currently the VP of Security Engineering at Snap.

Parisa Tabriz

Parisa is a Vice President of Engineering and General Manager of Chrome at Google. She is also responsible for Project Zero, a security research team that aims to advance security across the tech industry, and is affectionately known as Google's "Security Princess." Outside of Google, she has lectured at Harvard, served as a consultant to the White House U.S. Digital Service, and consulted with entertainment writers to help them understand the world of tech and cybersecurity.



Khanh Pham

Security researcher with 5+ years of experience in penetration testing, red teaming and security research | Winner of Pwn2Own 2021, 2022 and 2023


Andrew G.

Red teaming expert with 20+ years of experience | Ex-Google


Duc Nguyen

Red teamer with a proven track record in infiltrating top banks and tech firms | Bug bounty hunter winning maximum rewards from Apple, FIS Global, BestBuy


Bug bounty hunter specializing in Oracle and Microsoft products


Kai Nguyen

Full-stack engineer with experience in building and securing highly scalable distributed systems

N. N.

Software engineer lead with 10+ years of experience in building large scale teams and software systems | Ex-Google


Nam Nham

Full-stack software and security engineer with 15+ years of experience


Gia Bui

Bug bounty hunter winning maximum rewards from Apple, Amazon, Tencent



Malware lover, low level enthusiast, fan of all things security | Ex-Meta


Evelyn Nguyen

Operations lead with experience spanning from startups to multinational giants | Ex-Deloitte


Mai Nguyen

Operations lead with a goal to drive efficiency and excellence for impactful results.


Thanh Nguyen /yeuchimse

Top 10 of Bugcrowd's All Time Leaderboard


Quang Luong

Hacker who enjoys making systems go fast and may have crashed some parts of the Internet | Ex-Cloudflare


Trung Pham

Software developer, penetration tester, physics and electronics enthusiast


Diep Pham

Seasoned software engineer with over a decade of industry expertise, a proud Linux user and free open-source software advocate


Phuong Phan

Software engineer with a love for books and physics | Grad from Smith College


Manh Le

SRE with hands-on experience building and maintaining large-scale, highly available, high-performance distributed systems across both bare-metal and cloud environments


Lam Nguyen

Ex-Shopee with several CTF results and Algorithmic achievements


Hoang Nguyen

Low level developer, tinkerer and sometimes hacker